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banish pain, no pills needed. experience relief naturally.

Our premium products are crafted to inspire, empower, & transform your daily life. Welcome to a healthier, happier you.

for neck & shoulder pain

permanently heal your cervical spine

Our Neck Traction Device employs air inflation and compression, offering your neck a respite to relax, repair & release built-up pressure on inflamed nerves. By naturally decompressing your spine.

customer joy, our daily inspiration


  • Larry L.

    This has been a great purchase. It is worth it especially for people working long hours. I suffer with migraines and i must say this helps stretch the neck and helps.

  • Ronald S.

    This is a great purchase. It works as described. Used as directed it works great. The cover is soft and feels good on the skin. Good value for the money. Helps relax the tension and discomfort. I'm very happy with my purchase!

  • Gudbergur G.

    I’m really feeling the good effects this product is bringing to my neck! I feel so much relieve after using it. I usually use it for 10-15 min a day. And after each time a sense of weigh on my neck being lift away!

  • Dena D.

    Fantastic, old school device!! Totally relieved my neck pain while using (4 days…2x/day) and, so far less pain through the day! I’ll keep you posted as the weeks go by.

  • Helen G.

    I suffer with neck pain, and this amazing neck stretcher does wonders, love it, thank you so much!

  • Steve A.

    The item works well. I definitely recommend. Well made, works very well once you get used to using the velcro closure straps. That is not meant as a criticism. Worth using!

  • Empower your body, empower your mind.
  • prioritize your well-being
  • Wellness is not a destination but a journey
  • your health, your wealth
  • Energize your life with good health

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At Movalex, we're dedicated to ensuring everyone can embrace peak well-being. Our passion is discovering inventive solutions to enhance comfort and confidence. Whether you're young or old, managing specific conditions, pursuing your profession, or enjoying sports, our accessories are crafted to elevate your everyday experience, one pain-free day at a time.

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